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UAE Best Selling Tours

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Dubai city - The richest city

Not only stopping being the richest, most flashy city, but Dubai also has known as the city of blooming culture, activities have reached the highest mixer. The urban nightlife is also very amazing with adventurous activities, chill with all-night parties or traditional showes.

  • Ain Dubai - The Biggest Wheel, Dubai Frame, La Perle by Dragone show, etc.

Abu Dhabi City - The pearl of Arabian Gulf

If visitors want to explore the dreamland in the desert, Abu Dhabi city will be an amazing destination with some places from Yas Island to the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum. Abu Dhabi, known as the second-largest emirate, is a modern metropolis of tall glass skyscrapers, resorts, culture, business, and sport. Amazing architecture, delicious cuisines or supercar Ferrari, Lamborghini that make you say 'WOW" at the first moment.


  • Louvre Museum, The Palace of President Qasr Al Watan, etc.

Fujairah City - The relaxing city

A big opposition to the flashy Dubai, Fujairah, is known as a peaceful place for a holiday in which visitors can relax after enjoying Dubai. Some beautiful beaches, wild landscapes with Antelope, or visitors can explore mosques and taste some local foods. Everything you need for a peaceful place, Fujairah has.

  • Visiting Al-Bidyah mosque, Fujairah Museum, Fujairah Beach, etc.

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